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Our impact

Our impact

Many major health issues in the UK can be avoided through increased physical activity. 22.1% of adults in Gloucestershire are inactive and a third don’t do enough to benefit their health.

Many strategies in the county invested in programmes that did not engage inactive people.

Active Gloucestershire consulted extensively over two years to launch a new way of tackling inactivity. Our focus is on:

Changing behaviour

We want to create a culture of daily physical activity and to do this we need to understand behaviour and its impact. We are using expert tools including University College London’s Behaviour Change Wheel to understand behaviour and motivations to being active.

Building a movement

We have developed a strategy that will engage friends, families, schools, employers, neighbourhood groups and professionals to help influence the way that we think and feel about being active.

The strategy is to make physical activity the norm, something we all talk about and do, something we build into our everyday lives and our environments. This is what we call a movement.

Tackling barriers

We have mapped the system in Gloucestershire and identified some of the barriers that affect people’s physical activity levels. We are working to influence those who affect policy and practice on our environment, from workplaces, neighbourhoods and to travel options.

We call all this a ‘whole system approach’ which we capture in the social movement we can move.

Download our latest Impact Report to find out more.

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