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About us


We are Active Gloucestershire and we want everyone living in Gloucestershire to live happy and healthy lives by being physically active.

We believe that physical activity can have a transformative impact on the lives of people and their communities. It is the single biggest thing that can be done to improve a person’s health. Whether that’s walking, running, cycling or taking part in organised sport, anyway that you like to active, can make a real difference to our health and wellbeing. 

We are part of a national network of Active Partnerships operating across England. At our essence we are about driving positive change.

As a trusted organisation, Active Gloucestershire coordinates Gloucestershire’s social movement – we can move. Inspiring people to unite behind a common vision to increase physical activity. Connecting individuals and organisations to build strong collaborative partnerships. Enabling the growth and impact of we can move, through providing a range of resources, training and support.

We work with lots of organisations, sports and activity clubs, community groups and individuals to help them support others to get active. 

We want Gloucestershire to become a county where everyone can be active in a way that suits them, and that allows them to lead happy and healthy lives. 


Our role

Active Gloucestershire is the backbone organisation for we can move. Our purpose is to enable we can move to achieve its mission by enabling collaboration, and by providing resources and support.

Our ways of working

To achieve we can move’s vision we have identified the following ways of working. These cover the issues we believe are most important and are where we have the skills, funding and expertise to make a difference.

  1. Proactively working with marginalised and underrepresented people such as those from Black or Asian or minority ethnic groups is crucial. We know that people from these groups are less likely to be active and therefore have the most to gain.
  2. Young people are the key to a lifetime of good health. Starting active habits at a young age and sustaining them throughout life will result in more people living a happier, healthier and more prosperous life.
  3. Older people can enjoy good heath for longer by starting or maintaining an active lifestyle. Being active enables older people to make the most of their independence for longer. Sport and physical activity isn’t just enjoyable – it also helps older people to maintain strength, physical condition and to improve their mental health.
  4. Disability or a health condition shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying an active life. Disabled people and those with health conditions really stand to benefit from being more active. Sport and physical activity is fun, promoting physical and mental health. It also creates opportunities to connect with others and share experiences.
  5. Active design, facilities and travel all play an essential role in enabling everyone to become and stay active. The places we live, work and play should provide people with opportunities to be more active. Taking an active environments approach to facilities and travel limits carbon emissions and our impact on the environment generally.
  6. We must remain flexible to respond to external challenges and opportunities. Covid-19 has demonstrated that we need to respond to external opportunities and challenges whenever these arise, so we’ll formally review our strategy every year. 
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