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Our team

Tom Beasley

01452 393602

Alan Inman-Ward
Head of Insight and Intelligence

01452 393603

Kirsty Dunleavy-Harris
Director of Physical Activity

01452 393618

Robert Broad
Head of Finance

01452 393600

Geetha Dean
Operations Manager

01452 393612

Sarah Haden-Godwin
Physical Activity Specialist - older adults and disabled people

01452 393605

Richard Fishlock
Physical Activity Specialist - facilities and active design

01452 393619

Tom Hall
Physical Activity Specialist – children and young people

01452 393609

Chris Davis
Senior Project Officer

01452 393611

Lisi Cottam
The Daily Mile Coordinator

01452 393601

Nicky Harverson
Senior Project Officer

01452 393607

Guy Stirling-Lee
Active Lives Coordinator

01452 393608

Breathe Culture Pledge Badge

We’ve joined the Breathe Culture Pledge

We’re proud to say that we have joined the Breathe Culture Pledge: A promise to put your people first, invest in their success, super-charge employee engagement - and ultimately drive your business forward. Our people are key to our success and by creating a progressive, supportive and inclusive culture, we can help them grow and achieve great things.

  • City Works, Alfred Street, Gloucester, United Kingdom, GL1 4DF
  • 01452 303528

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