Why become a trustee at Active Gloucestershire?

01st March 2022 | Recruitment

Being a trustee at Active Gloucestershire is extremely rewarding and we are looking for two trustees that can help our vision of getting everyone in Gloucestershire active, become a reality.

Trustees are central to our work at Active Gloucestershire, and ultimately, they’re responsible for our organization, it’s people and our resources.

Active Gloucestershire is the supporting organisation for we can move, Gloucestershire’s movement and approach to being physically active. Last year our trustees approved our new strategy which takes us to 2030 and describes how we’ll support more people in our county to live healthy, happy and active lives.

We focus on increasing activity rates amongst those people that have the most to benefit. This includes children and young people, older adults, disabled people and people from diverse communities across our county. We aim to:

Inspire – Working with organisations and people across the county, we inspire them to inspire others to live active lives. This might be by highlighting the work of a we can move role model, starting a new club or community organisation or celebrating the work of one of our partners.

Connect – We can move is about connecting people and organisations. This has resulted in changes to the sport and physical activity system, efficient uses of funding, and providing more opportunities for people to be active.

Enable – We deliver projects that support people to become active as well as providing skills and approaches that make being active easier for everyone. We support funders and commissioners to develop approaches and policies that have the most impact.

Jan Bowen-Nielsen, the Chair at Active Gloucestershire speaks about what we are looking for in a trustee.

What is the role of a trustee?

The role of a trustee is both diverse and interesting. It can be described using the five S’s:


Our trustees are responsible for protecting our reputation, our long term sustainability and finances. Our trustees consider what we’ll need for the future as well as our immediate needs.


The Active Gloucestershire Board approves our strategies and plans, making sure that we’ve considered things taking place in the external environment as well as the needs of the organisation.


With the support of the Active Gloucestershire’s committees, our trustees hold the CEO and management team to account. Trustees are responsible for making sure that policies and procedures are in place to ensure good decision making.


At times trustees need to stretch the organisation and management team to improve and perhaps consider different approaches.


Our trustees support the CEO, management and staff team providing advice guidance and celebrating success.

So, why should you be a trustee for Active Gloucestershire?

Being a trustee is a voluntary role but it’s rewarding and provides plenty of personal development opportunities too. Our trustees are supported to develop their own skills and development whilst building an understanding of Active Gloucestershire’s work.

All our trustees bring different skills, expertise and understanding. As an organisation we highly value diversity because we know we make better decisions as a result.

Tania Hamilton, one of the Active Gloucestershire Board Members said: “Being part of an organisation that actively and inclusively reaches out to everyone to help improve their lives, is a reason to do what I do.”

See why Jon McGinty, another of the Active Gloucestershire’s Board Members, enjoys being a trustee.

Interested in applying?

We’re particularly keen to encourage people that have been involved in the work of we can move to consider applying.

If you would like to apply, please take a look at our recruitment pack at Vacancies (activegloucestershire.org)

If you’d like to informally discuss joining the Board please feel free to contact me tombeasley@activegloucestershire.org

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