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New Sport Welfare Officer Appointed to Enhance Safeguarding Measures in Gloucestershire

07th February 2024

Active Gloucestershire is thrilled to announce the appointment of Lisa Kankowski as the new Sport Welfare Officer for Gloucestershire.

Lisa has taken on the role as part of the new national network of officers recruited across England to support National Governing Bodies (NGBs), local clubs, and community organisations involved in physical activities. Her role will focus on fostering best practices and ensuring the safety and well-being of children, young people, and adults engaged in sports and recreational pursuits throughout Gloucestershire.

Lisa will add capacity and expertise to the existing safeguarding work of NGBs and Active Gloucestershire. Her primary objective will be to provide support to local sports clubs, assisting Club Welfare Officers in implementing robust safeguarding policies and procedures while facilitating the sharing of best practices.

Furthermore, Lisa's appointment helps Active Gloucestershire to forge stronger partnerships within Gloucestershire’s physical activity sector to address welfare and safeguarding concerns comprehensively. By aligning our efforts with the principles outlined in the 'working together to safeguard children' guidance, we aim to create a safer environment for all participants involved in sports and physical activities.

Tom Beasley, Chief Executive at Active Gloucestershire said: “We are confident that Lisa's wealth of experience and dedication will prove invaluable in promoting safe and inclusive sports and physical activities in Gloucestershire. Her expertise will greatly enhance our efforts to safeguard the well-being of all participants, and we look forward to working closely with Lisa to strengthen partnerships within our local physical activity sector."

Lisa is eager to engage directly with local clubs to understand their specific welfare and safeguarding needs and explore ways to provide support. If you would like to contact Lisa, you can email her directly at

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