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What is physical activity?

What do we mean by physical activity?

Sport England Active Lives* survey defines these three categories as follows:

For children and young people (aged 19 and under)

Inactive: Less than 30 minutes per day of physical activity
Fairly active: Between 30 and 59 minutes per day of physical activity
Active: At least an average of 60 minutes per day of physical activity across the week
*Sport England Active Lives for Children and Young People (2017 onwards)

For adults (aged 16+)

Inactive: Less than 30 minutes physical activity per week
Fairly active: Between 31 and 149 minutes of physical activity per week
Active: At least 150 minutes of physical activity per week
* Sport England Active Lives (2015 onwards)

Physical inactivity in Gloucestershire

A third of people in Gloucestershire do not move enough and inactivity levels had been rising, but in the last few years they have decreased slightly but not significantly.

Compared to England our Gloucestershire population is more active however, there is still work to do.

These are the activity figures in England Gloucestershire in 2019.

Adults   Inactive   Fairly active   Active   
England                                         24.6%12.2%63.3%
South West20.8%11.8%67.4%
Gloucestershire       20.8%11.7%67.5%

Children and young people   Inactive   Fairly active   Active   
England (Active Lives)43.4%23.9%32.9%
Gloucestershire (Active Lives)48.6%22.3%29.1%
Gloucestershire (Online Pupil Survey)25.1%27.8%47.2

 Ageing populations, stark inequalities between districts, youth obesity and mental health problems are some of the factors sustaining or driving inactivity in Gloucestershire.

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