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Advice for clubs and coaches

All sport and physical activity organisations are responsible for safeguarding their members and ensuring safe access for all participants. Clubs and coaches must act promptly if they have concerns about adult or child behavior towards another child or vulnerable adult.

All adults, regardless of age, ability, disability, gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital or transgender status, have the right to be protected from abuse and poor practice.

Clubs should have a dedicated welfare officer to oversee safeguarding, ensure proper permission for video use, have valid and up-to-date insurance, ensure coaches act appropriately for players' age, ability, and number, and be aware of participants' medical needs. Qualifications and training should be of appropriate standard, with Level 2 coaches leading sessions and Level 1s assisting experienced coaches.

Please take a look in the resource and training tab to cross check your own practice and contact Lisa 01452 393 617 for support.

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