Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

Spotlight on stress and how physical activity can help

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week and Active Gloucestershire has the spotlight on how physical activity can help.

We’re in the middle of a major research initiative and preliminary insights are showing:

  • Taking part in physical activity, even for just 30 minutes a week, results in higher perceived levels of mental wellbeing
  • The most popular activities are walking, running, gardening and swimming
  • Home is the most popular place to be active, followed by green spaces

We’re also discovering that the best way to help people suffering with mental ill health is to approach ‘activity by stealth’. For example:

  • Go outdoors to do art
  • Work up a sweat while gardening
  • Walk to your appointment

Communication is key:

  • If you’re supporting people with mental ill health, our research also shows that communication is key. Use a mix of social media and reaching out via word of mouth - spread the word through your GP, supermarkets and family groups.

Here is what the professionals say:

“Activity is a good distraction from negative thoughts, as well as getting the benefits of raised endorphin/serotonin levels, fresh air and being outside also has huge benefits to their mood”

Check out these websites for more ideas:

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