Evaluating Gloucestershire Moves

Evaluating Gloucestershire Moves

Understanding the impact of Gloucestershire Moves

Active Gloucestershire is working with NIHR CLAHRC West University of Bristol’s School for Policy Studies as evaluation partners for Gloucestershire Moves.

Gloucestershire Moves aims to help 30,000 people become active, to make physical activity the norm across Gloucestershire.

It is a “whole system approach” to raise physical activity levels across the county and get everyone in Gloucestershire moving. It’s holistic, addressing all aspects of daily life: travel, education, work, home and leisure. Sport, fitness, health and education, business, communities, tourism and housing and planning will all collaborate to create an active environment which allows everyone to integrate physical activity into their day.

The research team aims to understand how the Gloucestershire Moves programme impacts all the factors which cause a population to be active or not.

They will do this using a range of techniques, including:

  • analysing professional networks across Gloucestershire and how they work together to address physical inactivity
  • systems mapping to understand the factors that influence physical activity in the county
  • interviewing senior stakeholders and community members
  • analysing large data sets to understand whether physical activity levels have changed over time.

You can read more here.

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