Active Lives 2017 - Gloucestershire Data

Active Lives 2017 - Gloucestershire Data

New data on activity levels in Gloucestershire

Sport England released their Active Lives report on 12th October 2017 showing activity levels across the county from May 2016 to May 2017. This is the second report they have published and the first that shows a full year of results. The first report in January 2017 only showed six months’ worth of surveying.

We have analysed some of the raw data and pulled out the key statistics for Gloucestershire. When looking at the results please bear in mind a few things:

  • For the data published today there is six months of data in common between this and the first publication (January 2017) and therefore looking at changes over time is not yet appropriate. This will be possible when the third set of data is published on 22 March 2018.
  • Sport England have published the local level participation without gardening to be consistent with their own measurements as gardening is not within their remit.
  • Only 500 individuals per district are surveyed as standard across the country
  • Changes of season – the first results published in January accounted for a large part of summer 2016. These results take into account winter 2016/2017 –seasonal differences in activity levels are common.

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