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Sarah Haden-Godwin

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Falls Prevention Programme

There are 30,000 adults aged 65+ in Gloucestershire who are at risk of falling. The impact of falls on this age group is significant to their physical and mental health, confidence and social wellbeing.

To help address this risk, a Falls Prevention Programme has been established, designed and funded by Gloucestershire Moves. It is a partnership programme involving experts in strength and balance provision and behaviour change.

The programme was launched in April 2018 and will:

  • Look at new ways to support older adults by identifying where the greatest risks of falls lie
  • Look at the people who are already close to older adults, who can help to eliminate risks, including not just health and physical activity specialists but family, friends and other people in the wider community

The programmes starts by providing training in methods that impact behaviour, using a model designed by University College London. It will also involve extensive mapping and analyses, supported by the University of Gloucestershire.

For more information contact programme leader Sarah Haden-Godwin

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